Taylormade Burner 08 Fairway Wood – Graphite Shaft

After more than 30 years of experience in the golf industry having stayed on top of the list of most trusted by golfers worldwide, TaylorMade introduced its Burner 08 Fairway Wood with Graphite Shaft and became a member of the Burner line of clubs. It was designed with the maximization of distance and speed in mind. With its light grip and graphite shaft, the club is very light which makes it easy for players to achieve better and faster swings.

Taylormade Burner 08 Fairway Wood   Graphite Shaft

Taylormade Burner 08 Fairway Wood – Graphite Shaft

Brief Description

TaylorMade 2008 Burner Fairway Wood with Graphite Shaft makes use of Dual Crown Technology which means that its crown weighs less compared to the typical ones. What happens to the saved weight? Simply, it gets distributed again to provide the burner with a lower center of gravity (35%) than the previous 2008 burner promoting a higher flight and farther distance. On the other hand, the triangular, fast-looking head allows significantly lower center of gravity placementĀ  which makes it much easier to achieve a solid launch.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

This product has gotten a lot of perfect ratings which came from a combination of the reviews made by low, mid and high handicappers. Many golfers have chosen the wood in order for them to correct wrong hits and achieve longer distance on the course and indeed, it most of the time delivered. According to the reviewers, they were able to achieve 20 to 30 more yards, hitĀ  straight and hit high consistently.

Pros of the Product

The fairway wood has a triangular-shaped head that looks large and encourages confidence when it is addressed to the ball. Its head makes it easy to have an exceptionally deep center of gravity location for easy launching of the ball while at the same time promoting better forgiveness and stability. There is no need to spend a lot of money for a fairway wood because this product is able to provide great performance at an affordable price.

Cons of Product

Are there any cons of the product? There may be some concerns about it but nothing that impacting which would discourage the buyers from giving it a try.

Who Should Buy This Product

Everyone can enjoy the distance and speed of hits that the product offers. Even those players who don’t have that much experience about fairway woods buy this and get to share the benefits enjoyed by other players. This provides a natural feel and ease of use that beginners won’t find any difficulty in getting used to it. New players also will surely like the fact that the club provides plenty of forgiveness. Read more reviews here.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With Taylormade Burner 08 Fairway Wood – Graphite Shaft, getting the ball up in the air and gaining extra yards are no longer very challenging. The negative reviews about this product are very few to even mention while the positive reviews are too many to read through which should tell the buyers that this product is worth giving a try for the golfers to find out for themselves if it will work for them or not.

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