Samsung UN65F8000 65-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV

The UN65F8000 is the newest model that has come to replace its earlier predecessor, the UN65ES8000. It comes with 1080p resolution, a 240hz refresh rate, a new slimmer frame and many other add-ons brought to you by Samsung and its R&D team.

Some of these new additions include a quad-core processor, which helps this new model better handle the improved Smart Interaction technology, which includes voice and gesture controls. Samsung has greatly improved this technology since last year, as the new model can now recognize English in full sentences and is no longer limited to simple two-word commands.

Samsung UN65F8000 65 Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV

Samsung UN65F8000 65-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV

Samsung has also finally introduced micro-dimming technology. This breakthrough technology allows the HDTV to determine which parts of the image (depending on the content being shown) to dim so as to provide darker and richer blacks on screen. 2D to 3D conversion has also been improved greatly and 3D images will look more realistic and brighter with this new model.

Samsung’s 2013 Smart Hub technology features a new line-up of Samsung-specific apps and software. The new model, which is more of a multimedia center, has the user experience segmented into five different panels, including movies, recommendations, social media, music videos and photos. With a simple swipe motion on the new remote control, users can easily toggle between all of these panels to access what they want whenever they want with ease.

How Much?

The average price for the Samsung UN65F8000 hasn’t been released to the public yet, however it will likely run in the high $3,000’s.

Who Would Buy This Samsung UN65F8000 LED HDTV?

This 65-inch cutting edge Smart TV would be perfect for anyone seeking to enjoy increased functionality and access to a wider array of media besides simply television shows and movies. Samsung’s new models come with built-in WiFI and are internet ready, so watching streaming media from the internet through this sizable 1080p res screen should appeal to most any consumer demographic. Samsung is also making this a family experience, with a lineup of apps and software made specifically with families in mind.

Things we like about the Samsung UN65F8000 LED HDTV

The S-Recommendation feature is something that really takes the viewing experience to another level. Viewers can now have TV shows, movies and other media that is related to the content that they watch automatically suggested to them at the bottom of their screen in small thumbnails by this powerful software.

Another aspect of the UN65F8000 that we particularly enjoyed was the improved voice interaction technology. Being able to talk to your TV as if you were talking to another person simply adds new levels of convenience as compared to earlier models with limited voice interactivity.

Things we did not like about the Samsung UN65F8000 LED HDTV

Something that we did not particularly enjoy about this model was the quality of the backlighting. Samsung, for reasons unknown has opted for an edge-lit backlighting technology, which can sometimes provide for a less even dimming experience as compared to other technologies that are available.


The Samsung UN65F8000 includes a one-year manufacturer warrantee and also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee (15% restocking fee).

Is The Samsung UN65F8000 LED HDTV Worth The Money?

This new model is offering a wide range of add-ons that cannot currently be found all in one place with any other HDTV or Smart TV on the market. This puts Samsung in a league of its own, and makes this purchase easy to justify for anyone looking to upgrade from their current HDTV. Samsung will continue to improve upon its software and as the UN65F8000 will be eligible for updates, purchasing this new model will be money well spent.

Where Can I Buy The Samsung UN65F8000 LED HDTV?

The UN65F8000 will be available at Walmart, Target, Best Buy and at online retailers like Amazon and major tech and electronics websites.

More Customer Reviews For The Samsung UN65F8000 LED HDTV

Product testers are saying that the crystal clear quality of the images and the vivid colors make this TV a top of the line first class viewing experience. Many are pleasantly surprised when they find out that this is only the tip of the iceberg with Samsung. Samsung has modeled much of its current user interface off smartphones and mobile devices, and this makes for a very intuitive user interface. Samsung is still planning on making continuous improvements to the current software and apps, mentioning that viewers will be able to purchase items directly through their televisions using Samsung’s TV shopping software. So far, the reviews are nothing but positive, as the enhanced user interface and user-centric features have shown that Samsung values the viewing pleasure of its customers just as much, if not more than any other brand on the market.

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