GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike (20″/50cm Frame)

When it comes to purchasing a bicycle designed exclusively for women, the GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike is the perfect choice. Nowadays, cycling is not only a means of transportation, but also a popular sport. This is one of the most suitable models of bikes both for getting from one place to another and for replacing a daily jogging routine.

GMC Denali Womens Road Bike (20/50cm Frame)

GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike (20″/50cm Frame)

Main Features of the Bike

  • Brakes – Promax 501A Alloy Caliper Brake;
  • Shifts – Shimano Revo, with Shimano derailleur;
  • Frame – 19.5 inches, made out of top quality aluminum 7005 and with a steady gauge;
  • Fork –the GMC model made for 7000 series, made of steel; with the top bar dropped in the women’s-bicycle tradition;
  • 29 pounds in weight;
  • Dimensions – 51 x 28 x 8.2 inches;
  • Tires – the Kenda model. The color is black with a grey band.
  • Pedals – The body is made of plastic but they have a steel cage.

Main Advantages of the GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike

  • Safety – Due to its high-quality brakes, this bike will always be easy to stop when necessary.
  • Smooth control – Its designers were careful to ensure that controlling this bike would not be a challenge at all. Of course, by shifting gears you can make the cycling more or less difficult to fit your workout needs, but the actual control of the bike remains the same.
  • Steady pedals – The aluminum pedals are designed to eliminate foot slippage and discomfort.
  • Strong grip – The handlebar is made of a material that enables you to firmly hold it even if it’s raining or your palms are sweaty.
  • Friendly design – The color is a neutral white, and its aerodynamic form is designed for the best cycling experience.
  • Comfortable – The saddle’s ergonomic design makes every trip with the GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike very comfortable and does not cause lower back pain.

Main Drawbacks of the Product

Like any other product, this bike may have some drawbacks, but the good part is that they tend to be minor. Mainly, there are two disadvantages of using this bike. The first is that if you are taller than 5’6” you may find that this model is a little too small for you. The second is that it’s pretty heavy, but taking into consideration that this is not a mountain bike, this may not be a very important issue.

Customers’ Opinion on the GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike

As anyone would normally expect, there are many different opinions about this bike. Most of them are positive, many customers claiming that it was one of the best choices they could ever have made. There are some that say they use this model to train for triathlons, so as you can see, even some sportswomen use it for their training. Read more reviews here.


The GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike is one of the best available bike models for most women, and it’s the exceptional features and advantages of this bike that make it happen.

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