Fire Sense Tabletop Patio Heater-Copper Finish

The Fire Sense Propane Patio Heater is everything you need if you wish to prolong the time you can spend outside on your patio, chatting and enjoying the evenings together around the dinner table. This elegant table top heater comes with rustic and stylish copper finish to match any patio furniture design, and the warmth it emanates will surely establish your home as the center for all get-togethers.

Fire Sense Tabletop Patio Heater Copper Finish

Fire Sense Tabletop Patio Heater-Copper Finish

General Features of the Propane Table Top Patio Heater from Fire Sense

Measuring 13.4 x 20.9 x 34.6 inches and weighing 14.3 pounds, the unit is large, but perfectly sized for being easy and comfortable to maneuver and very stable at the same time. The heater uses standard-sized propane cylinders to deliver a maximum of 10,000 BTUs an hour, warming up an area of 8 ft around the table. The unit is able to run for about 3-4 hours on one cylinder when output is set at maximum.

Other Features

The list of the features that make the Propane Table Top Patio Heater from Fire Sense such a best-seller is far from over:

  • The piezo electronic ignition system starts the heater on the push of a button.
  • The burners are made of resistant and durable stainless steel.
  • The burners are protected with a heating grid.
  • The unit comes with a reflector hood to enhance and direct the heat.
  • The heater complies with CSA standards and it features a valve that shuts off the system in case the heater tilts or turns over.

The heater is a really great asset to any patio table. It is able to deliver just the amount of heat that can be expected of a table top unit, and the bronze finish also looks good. However, exterior design is something we would like to mention of the negative side: the black knobs and the red and black button do not really match the elegance of the other parts.

What Others Say about the Propane Table Top Patio Heater from Fire Sense

Reviewers appreciate the quality of this elegant little tabletop heater. They all mention that the unit is able to offer a fair amount of heat, delivering the exactly the performance they expect. Some of the users have had electric tabletop heaters before, and they say they prefer this one because it is portable and much more efficient. One customer who likes to host dinner parties with many guests has two units, one for the patio and another one for the garden table, so that all the guests can benefit of the warmth and the great atmosphere created by the Propane Table Top Patio Heater from Fire Sense. Read more reviews here.


An elegant, efficient, dependable and affordable tabletop heater – this is what you get if you order the Propane Patio Heater from Fire Sense. Enjoy spring and fall evenings outside on your patio or in the garden in comfort and warmth, thanks to this excellent unit from Fire Sense.

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